You might have encountered numerous applications on different platforms that can predict your lifespan, but mostly these are just fun apps with no serious algorithms in the back end. However, an app ‘Gero Lifespan’ has emerged that uses the power of Artificial Intelligence to estimate the longevity of the user based on the activities he/she has been doing.

As reportedly, the researchers from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) and the longevity biotech company GERO have used a convolutional neural network (CNN) – a machine learning technique in the artificial intelligence – which was ‘trained’ from the one-week long stream of activity measurements obtained from the dataset of US health survey, NHANES

The app tracks the user’ active and inactive periods, including the activities like sleeping, doing work, gym visits, and more. This tracked data is then used by the algorithm to find the ‘biologically relevant’ motion patterns from the trained model and finally, it predicts the lifespan along with the overall health of the user.

Since it’s an iOS app, it gathers data from the Apple Health, Fitbit, and Rescuetime (a PC productivity measurement app). Moreover, the team has made the free beta-version of the application available on the App Store.

You can check out the app from here.

It must be noted that the app doesn’t provide the full analysis of your health, as it misses the diet, genetics, and other crucial factors and therefore, isn’t ready yet for the medical applications.

But, as being said, comparing from the past life expectancy measuring methods, the AI is proved to be more effective and could be more accurate to monitor the health risks and help the life & health insurance companies that reportedly already use the activity tracking systems.

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