Following Najam Sethi’s resignation and Ehsan Mani‘s looming election as PCB chairman, we look at what the process of electing a replacement entails.

What happens now?

The Prime Minister of Pakistan is constitutionally a patron of the Pakistan Cricket Board. According to the PCB constitution, the patron can exercise his power to nominate two people to the Board of Governors (BoG), from which the chairman is selected. In the present scenario, newly elected PM Imran Khan has named Ehsan Mani as a direct nominee to fill the vacant seat in the governing board. Another seat on the BoG has also become vacant after Arif Ejaz, too, resigned on Monday.

When was the PCB’s governing board formed?

The composition of the BoG was reworked in 2014, reducing the members from 14 to 10. The body is made up of four representatives of regional associations (chosen from the top four regional teams from the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy), four representatives of services organisations (from the top four department sides) and the two representatives directly appointed by the patron. An official from an inter-provincial coordination government body acts as an ex-officio, non-voting 11th member. The term of each member of the BoG is three years – equivalent to one term of the chairman in a bid to encourage continuity in the set-up.

How is a new PCB chairman elected?

A special meeting of the PCB Board of Governors will be convened to elect a new chairman from amongst the 10 board members, by a majority of the total voting membership of the Board of Governors. Anyone from the BoG can step up and submit their nomination papers for the chairman’s election. The entire process must be done within four weeks of the chairman’s office becoming vacant. In the present circumstances, Mani will submit his papers and likely be elected unopposed.

Who will perform the duties of the chairman while a replacement is confirmed?

The rule says if the office of the chairman falls vacant for any reason, all powers of the PCB Chairman shall be vested in and be assumed by the Election Commissioner, albeit with limited power. He can only run day to day affairs, not take long term decisions during his interim time in office. His primary responsibility is to carry out a fair and transparent election of the new PCB chairman.

What qualifications does one need to become a PCB chairman?

The rules say a prospective candidate for PCB chairman needs to be a holder of at least a Bachelor’s degree, or an equivalent professional degree or higher from a local university or college recognised by the Pakistan Higher Education Commissioner, a foreign university, or college recognised by a similar body in the relevant country, and possesses sufficient administrative, managerial or financial experience.

No person shall be elected as, or hold the office of, chairman, if he, –

(a) is not a citizen of Pakistan or ceases to be a citizen of Pakistan

(b) has been convicted for an offence involving moral turpitude and sentenced for such an offence with imprisonment of either description for a term exceeding two years for any offence under the National Accountability Bureau Ordinance, 1999 (XVIII of 1999);

(c) has been dismissed, on account of misconduct from the service of any Government, Statutory Corporation, Organization, Authority or a Body established or controlled by or under the authority of a federal or provincial government, or in which any such government has a controlling share or interest;

(d) has been adjudged as insolvent by a competent court of law; and

(e) is incapable of discharging his functions for reasons of physical or mental incapacity

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