fidget spinners is dengerous

Although they’ve been used forever as tools for children with attention or sensory disorders, it seems like fidget spinners have recently taken over the world. They’re everywhere. And like all overnight trends, fidget spinners have their own problems. Like the growing number of parents who say that fidget spinners are dangerous and that some should be recalled. Just in case you’ve been living under a rock or blissfully removed from world of children and grownups who pick up on children’s trends: fidget spinners aren’t a brand, they’re a thing. Spinny things are fun, though, so now every child wants to be sitting in the classroom with a fidget spinner, whether they “need” one or not. (We really should pay teachers more for having to deal with this.)

So is the spinners are dangerous ???

I don’t think so but buy your fidget spinners from reputable toy sellers, don’t give them to kids under 3 years old, and test it out before you hand it over. Just don’t put it in your mouth.