Loveratri actor Aayush Sharma and Salman Khan

Loveratri actor Aayush Sharma, who is all set to venture into Bollywood with Salman Khan’s production is open to join politics but only when he is ready. The aspiring actor comes from a political background of Himachal Pradesh, however, for now he is eyeing on an acting career

Aayush, son of politician Anil Sharma and grandson of Sukh Ram, grew up in Mandi. He did his schooling in New Delhi. “My upbringing has been in a political setup, so that world never excited me as I was born into that world. Having said that, I also understood the kind of responsibilities they have because being a politician, I was studying in Delhi, my father was in Himachal, we would hardly meet.

“I understood that he was doing what he is supposed to do but at least for me, I understood that to be in politics you have to have the drive to serve the people, which I don’t think so at this age, I have. I was inclined towards politics because I grew up around political conversation, and it was all discussed at the dining table.”

As for his own plans for the political world, he said: “I am politically aware of what’s happening but I am not ready… It’s no point getting into a profession of serving people and not doing it with your full heart. So, that’s why I wanted to move out of it.

“I would say never say never. Maybe in the near future, when I do feel I am ready or I can help someone, I might go to politics, but not for now.”

His maiden movie Loveratri, produced by his superstar brother-in-law Salman Khan, will release on October 5. 

(With IANS inputs)

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