The new application versions of Instagram have been found sharing your precise location with its parent company, Facebook.

According to new reports, the popular photo-sharing Instagram has started testing a new feature which lets it share your location with Facebook for reasons still unknown. The feature is capable enough to track your location ‘very precisely’ and works even when the application is closed. It must, however, be noted that Facebook is still testing this feature for a limited audience and it might be long before the feature is actually rolled-out in full form.

TechCrunch, which quotes app researcher Jane Manchun, mentioned that Facebook is gathering data from your Instagram and then posting it in the form of a map.

The location-sharing option could be found in the Privacy/Security settings of the application. In the same section, the social media giant goes on to explain that it could use data from Instagram and Messenger to build a ‘history’ of your location.

It would be worth mentioning here that it hasn’t been long since Instagram’s co-founder left Facebook over some issues. Moreover, the Cambridge Analytics issue brought it a lot of criticism when it was brought to light that Facebook had allowed Cambridge Analytica to access personal data of its users. The social media platform was also just hit by a hack which affected more than 50 million of its users.

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