Facebook is ditchings its annoying “You’ve now connected on Messenger” notifications for good.

When you make a friend on Facebook or Messenger, or sometimes when an old friend joins Messenger, you often get one of these annoying notification alerts – You’re now friends on Facebook Messenger. Such misleading notifications fool you into thinking someone actually wants to chat with you while pushing down your real message threads. Some Facebook users are of the view that if they accept someone’s request they obviously know they are friends now. Facebook does not need to send such annoying notifications.

A Facebook spokesperson told TechCrunch:

“We’ve discovered that many individuals have appreciated getting a notification when a pal joins Messenger. That mentioned, we’re working to make these notifications much more helpful by using machine studying to ship fewer of them over time to individuals who get pleasure from getting them much less. We recognize all and any suggestions that individuals ship our method, so please preserve it coming as a result of it helps us make the product higher.”

However, for now, those who hate these alerts can make sure not to open them so you send a signal to Facebook that such alerts are not needed. Last week, we reported that Facebook is going to shut down the “Trending Topic” feature that displays hot topics people are discussing across the website. Facebook is killing the trending section for good, it is, however, testing new features, including a “breaking news” label that publishers can add to stories to distinguish them from rest of the stories. Facebook also wants to make local news more prominent.

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