Facebook, earlier in May announced a redesign of their uber-popular messenger app. For those who use the Facebook messenger application, it is no secret that UI of the app is crammed with features and has an overall confusing layout, many users have complained about the often-frustrating navigating experience that they face when using the application. The hallmarks of many famous modern-day messengers such as iMessages and WhatsApp are that they are ‘fast and simple’. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg agreed with this in the F8 developer conference earlier this year.

“When you’re messaging, you really want a simple and fast experience. We’re taking this moment to completely redesign Messenger to focus these ideas.” 

During the conference, the vice president of Facebook Messenger, David Marcus also announced the streamline update for Facebook messenger which will roll out soon. According to the vice messenger, the update will bring:

  • Streamlined interface
  • A proper dark mode
  • Removal of features that people don’t use

The screenshots of the recently updated messenger app received by Android Police shows a new look with an updated UI, the Facebook messenger now has three tabs: conversations, contacts, and an explore tab at the bottom of the app instead of the usual five that the current messenger app has. At the top left, there are two shortcuts: camera and compose. The chat window also has a much cleaner look, however, users have not reported about any dark mode in the messenger app yet. The app updates has started rolling out but it may take some time, the current update is through a server-side change, not a regular Play Store update.

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