For smartphone power users who manage multiple sims at a time, switching to iPhone has always remained a difficult choice for them. iPhones do not support dual sims and if you are buying a premium device for 1000 dollars, you expect that it will have good storage and dual sim capabilities.

The good news is that the upcoming models of iPhones will have dual sim capability as noticed by 9to5Mac in iOS 12 developer beta 5. The latest beta of iOS has clear references to Secondary Sim Status. In addition to that, there are multiple references to ‘second SIM tray status’ which means that Apple will be including a dual sim tray.

Although, there has been rumors and discussions around dual sim iPhones for years but those rumors died down with every launch of an iPhone as Apple never materialized it. Now with the references in iOS 12 beta 5, it is expected that Apple will finally reveal dual sim capability.

Dual Sim phones are very popular in emerging markets where people own multiple sims for calling, and consuming data. Also, frequent business travelers also prefer dual sims for the business needs. It becomes a hassle when you have to manage two phones and hopefully, this problem will be solved now.

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