Hello! Dears Friends!

Hey Congratulation!

All Our Fans and Rjs

We Are Proudly Launching Our Studio In Karachi.

Our Mission in Progress We Always Think Better and Better and We Also do Better Den Better.

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Welcome To FunnyPaki Radio Station |

Online - Current RJ OR Dj


Chat Rules Of FunnyPaki


Please Follow These General RULES..


1. Be respectful to others, or civil at the very least.

2. No foul language.

3. No spamming or flooding.


5. Treat people the way you would like to be treated. Refer to RULE #1.

6. Drug and sex talk will not be tolerated.

7. If you have any questions about the rules, ASK AN OP OR USE RULES FROM THE FORUM.

8. Anyone caught advertising other networks will be banned permanently, no questions asked, no second chances.

9. Any suppliers caught advertising or discussing their business in any way, will be banned from the chat and may face disciplinary action. Repeated offenses put your ECF account at risk.

10. Suppliers that have registered for ECF FunnyPaki Chat may conduct business in the #suppliers channel. They may not conduct business or advertise in other channels.

11. Anyone caught running a script or bot in any of the ECF IRC channels will be banned.  


Stay With Jo Hay Zara Hat Kay