Hello! Dears Friends!

Hey Congratulation!

All Our Fans and Rjs

We Are Proudly Launching Our Studio In Karachi.

Our Mission in Progress We Always Think Better and Better and We Also do Better Den Better.

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Welcome To FunnyPaki Radio Station |

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- Why advertise on FunnyPaki Radio?
- Music play lists that transcend the boundaries of time, genre and language
- Wide cross-section of listeners
- Limited and relevant RJ talk
- Star studded programming
- Creative, innovative and well-executed programming that gets your brand listened to and not just heard.
- Customized Solutions rather than standard advertising options.
- Varied listener interactive competitions with targeted on-air giveaways.
- Listener friendly ad-pack duration.
- Repetitive adverts are not heard in a single ad-pack

For more information please send us your queries at [email protected] Or Skype "shahzadkhanjee" Cell (Whatsapp Only) : +923312493377