Since the start of 2018, Android manufacturers have started to show their support for notched displays similar to what we have seen on the iPhone X. A recent leak in a Google developer blog post revealed an Android P screenshot with a different set of navigation keys. Rather than the usual three keys “back, home and multitasking” that have been in Android for years, the Android P just has two keys which are “back and iPhone X-style home” keys.
Google edited the below screenshot to crop out the navigation bar out after publishing it mistakenly. Android’s center home key is no longer a solid circle we have been seeing for years with an outline around it, but rather pill-shaped seen on Apple’s flagship iPhone X.

The home key doesn’t even match the height of the back key which is just an outline and not filled with color and as you can see there is no multitasking button on the below image.

We know that Android manufacturers have implemented many navigation gestures over the years, so Google might be considering this move to put this feature in stock Android in response to the iPhone X and its thin bezels.

Although this feature enables Google to shrink the navigation bar and save some screen and allowing more space for applications, but this doesn’t appear to be the case in this particular leaked image.

This feature might not necessarily make it into the final version of Android P. The company is known to make experiments with features that might be cut or modified by the time a new Android version is released. Since Google I/O coming up in a few weeks, it likely won’t be long until this mystery is resolved.

Do you want this feature to be on your Android P? Let us know in the comments below.

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